Building & Renovation

Workshop Renovation

The first part of last week was spent installing windows in my workshop; I have a large workshop for Woodwork and more specifically Woodturning. I have been woodturning for 17 years now and teaching woodturning for more than 15 years, before moving to France I had purpose build workshop and gallery.  We have always intended to convert what was the storage area in the barn for carts and stabling and a portion of the calf shed in to my workshop here.

Although It’s been a slow process due to other work taking priority and money being diverted to finishing the house, but having used the space as a workshop regardless some things have been done before, but the installation of windows in what where just opening or old door ways has made the workshop much more inviting to work in.

Firstly the windows allow much more natural light in to the workshop with the removal of doors, so I am less dependent on artificial light and the use of electricity.  The installation of windows in small openings meant for air ventilation when animals where over wintered in the barn means the workshop is now warmer and less draughty, and I get an occasional glimpse of the outside world when I am working. Previously the openings were just blocked with boards to reduce the draughts.

I still have other work to do on the workshop before I am finished getting in good shape but I have a commission to finish, so for now it’s back to using the workshop as it is again.

 More on the commission in my next post!

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