All that Jazz

We have been so devastated by the loss of our Border Collie Moss we went out and found ourselves a replacement, not that we expected to find anything like a real replacement just a substitute for all those holes left in our daily lives by Moss.So here he is Jazz in keeping with the tradition of giving border collies single syllable names his name is short and sweet, this helps with working them out in the field and generally communicating with them. Jazz is ten weeks old born on the 26thof January 2012 he is pictured here just seven days after we brought him home. 

Jazz ten weeks old

Here you can see he is a very intelligent young dog it has taken just 15 minutes to teach him to come on command sit and lay down on command reinforced by hand signals. That was just 3 training session each 5 minutes long and now it’s his pleasure to do any and all commands before you even ask in the hope of convincing us he should get a treat.


jazz sit
Jazz Sit
jazz down
Jazz Down
Jazz is also a natural poser he just like Moss seems to know exactly why I am pointing a large black object at him, it’s obviously to capture his profuse charms.
jazz pose
Jazz Pose