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Second Forge

This week we received a new forge, the building course bookings have gone so well with ten people already booked and paid up its obvious that a single forge will not allow for everyone to get adequate time at the forge to complete their drawknife. I searched extensively for an appropriate hand cranked forge and found a treadle forge of very high build quality which seams more than adequate for the tasks we need to achieve both for the courses and our own needs on the farm and my workshop.

I purchased the forge from Germany through this web site I received great service and a quick delivery of what I consider a very worthwhile products.

Becma Forge (1)

The frame is fully welded and the forge come fully assembled on its own pallet the tray is heavy and solid and the pot and its working parts are all cast iron as is the fly wheel,Becma Forge (2) Becma Forge (3)

All in all I’m very satisfied with the functioning of the forge and its controls and looking forward to using it once the new hanger for it is built.

With the numbers of page hits we are receiving for the Natural Building course and the enquiries by email I think we will be fully booked before the end of March giving us plenty of time to prepare for the full compliment of students. The greenhouse is performing above expectations and Fiona has early crops in the poly-tunnel doing very well already to see us through the hungry gap. Preparations for feeding everyone from the farm as much as possible are going well.

All the best.