Even More Walls Going UP

The second week of our second building course with a large pile of clay sitting over the site still unused from the previous course I asked the student if we could spend a couple of days making cob to use the clay instead of just moving it. The students agreed so we have just finished two days of cod mixing and cord wood brick laying. Below is the east side of the building after six days of cob work with between 4 and 8 people working at any given time.

Building 113

With only Michelle left from the first course with experience of making cob and laying bricks she worked all day on the Cob while everyone else moved about between stripping logs and cob work.

Building 133

Michelle did a great job of helping everyone mix cob and lay bricks while keeping her spirits high and enjoying her self. Below you can see the progress everyone had made by lunchtime

Building 119

Then here is the progress by the end of the day, five happy builders and the guy on the other side of the camera is a very happy man.


Building 137

Here is the underside of the roof showing of the two reciprocating frames.

Building 143

Day two of cobbing and every one is a little fatigued its misty and cold and the clay is hard and damp, but we all get on with the job and we have made five batches of cob before lunch and laid a load of bricks too.

Building 005

The progress goes on again after lunch and we get closer to the finished cabin.

Building 006

Building 001

The sense of satisfaction is rising as the end approaches.

Building 002

A big thanks to everyone for all the hard work so far and the positive engaged attitude, its much appreciated.