Then cover it all up

Well it’s now time to cover the roof, first we have a felt which is seen from the inside.

Building 307

Then we have insulation to add, in this case its the last three years wool sheared from our own sheep.

Building 309

Then over the centre we put a disc of plywood so the soil won’t put pressure directly between the spars of  the secondary reciprocal frame.

Building 310

Then more wool and an old duvet cover over the tops of the rafters to avoid any direct pressure against the water-proof cover.

Building 311

Building 312

A few extra dumpy bags cut up to fill in a few gaps still open.

Building 313

Then the water-proof cover.

Building 320

Chris bond with the soil.

Building 327

The end of the day.

Building 013

The end of the next day all the turf we removed from the build site is now on the roof along with a little more from the next site and the Sedums planted.