Walls Going UP

This stage of the build was always going to be the most rewarding as it closes the building envelope and makes it feel like something you could sleep in and pass a rainy day away in comfort. The cob making process is laborious unless you use a carbon fuelled engine to mix with but that was not an option either financially or practically so labour it was and on warm sunny days it proved hard work.


First a layer of cob was laid around the entire stem wall then the cord-wood bricks were added making the process a little quicker.


Building 003

Then more of the same each day.

Building 007

Building 012

Then on the third day of the week I finished the front window frame and we all gave a hand to move in to the site from my workshop.

Building 011

Lots more mixing of cob.



Apparently hard work can be fun.


Then I made the second window and bought over to be fitted.


Then some more hard work to progress the walls up and around the windows.





The last day with more people back on site to help complete the walls we were rained off so the walls did not get finished but we still had a damp party to celebrate the achievement we have made to this point.


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