Building 2nd Stem Wall

For this stem wall we returned to the same site for the materials as for the first stem wall, this time round though everyone got involved and shared the work load much more evenly and fairly.

Building 050

You can see we are protecting the clay in the centre stopping it getting wetter so its easier to sift for the earthen plastering stage which comes later. Below we are approaching the end and fatigue has set in with some of the students.

Building 051

The end and it fits the mud sill pretty well. the mud sill will lift the straw bales away from the stone wall and help prevent condensation on to the cold stone surface transferring to the straw bales. Preservation of the integrity of straw bales is the determining factor for success and longevity of the building.

Building 054

While it was obvious not everyone enjoyed the hard work of moving large stones around and setting and resetting stones to find the right fit the sense of achievement at the end of this stage was heart-felt and well deserved.

Building 055

Well done to everyone for sticking it out and getting to enjoy the dance.