Stuck on a farm for six months!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Ellinor, I am 22 years old, and I come from Norway. A few weeks ago I took the train down to France and Permaculture Eden to have my very first “farm-experience”.

I will live here for a whole season and learn from Fiona and Steve, who have been on a path towards self-sufficiency for a long time, and who are now harvesting the fruits of their efforts. (Or rather the milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, nuts and fruits of their efforts). I have the opportunity to learn from their experience in gardening, animal keeping, natural building and Permaculture Design, through working at the farm and participating in the courses.

I was always more of a book-worm than a practical person, but I found myself wanting to go back to the basics: how to provide water, food, shelter, heating, clothes. So I was wondering how to get myself out of the comfort-zone, how to start doing what I never did before.

Luckily I am far from alone in my interest, All it took was a quick google search on “Permaculture internship Europe” to find Permaculture Eden.

Yes, I am “stuck” here on this farm, but I feel the opposite of stuck, even though I am far from the nearest grocery shop. Every day I get to grow and learn something new, and every day I get to work in a team of wonderful people. I get to exercise my body doing something useful, eat nutritious and delicious food, and witness the theatre of nature as the seasons change.

So whether or not I will get “hooked on farming”, I don’t really know. For now I am just happy to give it a try!

Grafting 046
All of the interns, lookin’ like real farmers.



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