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Our Humble Bees

Normally at this time of year we don’t see much of our bees, the mornings are usually frosty and cold so they are not around during our morning rounds. But we are having an amazing autumn full of the usual colours but with much more sunshine and warmth.


The bees are making the most of the food that is still around and our beautiful Borage is still flowering and providing them with that much-needed late food supply.


During our morning rounds visiting all our other animals we are enjoying the bees display of industrious foraging some standing guard to keep out unwanted guests.


Some flying back and forth busily returning with new supplies entering only once checked and authorised.

DSCF1189The bees landing like well organised pilots.

DSCF1107Unwelcome visitors turned away by deficient guards without any unnecessary fuss.

DSCF1120The Borage keeps on providing.


The sun keeps on shining.

DSCF1204The bees keep on delivering.

DSCF1132 DSCF1180I love autumn at Eden.