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    New Greenhouse

    Last year was our worst growing season in nine years on this site, the spring never really arrived, instead we had cold wet weather well in to June. Our first sowing of sweet corn, hempĀ  and wheat all rotted in the ground and had to be re-sown for what turned out to be a poor crop anyway. This made us take a long considered review of our system and in particular how we could mitigate this situation if it repeated again in the future. Given our changing weather patterns it seam only logical we will experience such problems with increasing regularity well in to the future. Then on a visit…

  • Building & Renovation

    Workshop Renovation

    The first part of last week was spent installing windows in my workshop; I have a large workshop for Woodwork and more specifically Woodturning. I have been woodturning for 17 years now and teaching woodturning for more than 15 years, before moving to France I had purpose build workshop and gallery. We have always intended to convert what was the storage area in the barn for carts and stabling and a portion of the calf shed in to my workshop here.

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