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    Wooden Plates Commission

    I can’t say turning wooden plates is something I love to do, but it is something I value, wooden plates are a part of our history once upon a time they were all we had to eat of. In times past when we truly understood the value of our labour pottery was expensive and for the rich but wood was readily available and relatively easy to work. Of course these old wooden plates were rough and with little design consideration invested in their making. The plates would have been made in green wood that is no seasoning would have taken place, the wood is easier to turn like that and…

  • Craft

    Woodturning Course

    Last week gave me a chance to get in the workshop and enjoy the reduced drafts and improved natural light, and I should mention the newly installed wood stove. I had a booking for a five day woodturning course with Walter who had little experience and wanted to rectify that. We started the week with spindle turning, in the morning getting to grips with rough turning square sections in to cylinders and then moving on to cutting beads and coves on the cylinders. In the afternoon we moved on to making the legs and a seat for a milking stool, this gets students working on the discipline of reproducing spindles…

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