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    Carbon Farming

    While I love the message of the video below, it points out poignantly that we have an issue with too much carbon in our atmosphere, and then moves on to solutions. The video even suggests clearly we have to reduce the amount of carbon we are putting into the atmosphere, but it does this with flippant disregard. Carbon along with other greenhouse gasses have already started to kick off positive feedback loops, this feedback means we have to do something urgently. Failure to initiate the solutions will cost lives but the most powerful thing we can do is less. Fiona and I have been working towards a productive food, fuel…

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    Farm Transport

    Our new farm transport and work horse, we have not used our old grey Ferguson tractor on site for a couple of years now, its sat round idle and a little neglected. This is mostly due to our disdain for the compaction it causes and of course the high level of pollution from what is  a very inefficient vehicle.  But we still have some heavy things which need to be moved around the farm and certain heavy mechanical operations which we could use some form motor assisted machine to achieve. So to that end we have purchased a second-hand garden tractor or walk behind tractor to aid with the heavy…

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    Pedal Power

    For the last five months Fiona and I have been increasing our cycling activity, this is for many reasons and all of them sound and complimentary. Firstly its possibly the most sustainable of all the forms of transport we have available to us today, buses and trains offer us tried and tested way of travelling over longer distances but as we move closer to Peak Oil these are going to become luxuries. Day to day travel for food shopping, visiting family, friends and doctors etc will all become far less possible in a personally owned car and taxis will be prohibitively expensive. The only really viable alternative will be the…