2014 Natural Building Course

This course has now started

Join the fun for a week or two

Or join in July for a full six weeks

May 25th to August 29th 2014

Choose 6 week or full 14 week course

Tuition is in English

Permaculture Eden will be offering the course of a lifetime in the summer of 2014 a three month intensive hands on natural building and permaculture design certificate course.

Participants will live, work, learn and play together with their hosts for three months as a community, participating in both theory and practical classes and the daily life tasks of Permaculture Eden.

Participants who complete the entire three month course will receive both a Permaculture Design Certificate and a Natural Building Master-class Certificate but more importantly you will have three months of hands on permaculture design practice and hands on Natural building experience.

cab wood

During the course we will build two houses firstly Woodhenge and Cobwood Roundhouse then a Round-wood timber frame Straw-bale Cabin.

straw bale

Course curriculum

  • Week One. Green woodworking and basic blacksmithing. Building a pole lathe. Building your own drawhorse and forging your own drawknife and turning your own handles.
  • Week Two. lay foundation and build round timber woodhenge.
  • Week Three Install reciprocating roof supports and green roof, start constructing cobwood walls
  • Week Four. Finnish walls install windows and door.
  • Week Five. Install plumbing and simple off grid electrical systems and build rocket mass heater.
  • Week Six. Build round wood furniture.
  • Week Seven. Permaculture Design Course.
  • Week Eight. Permaculture Design Course, design presentation and celebration.
  • Week Nine. Green woodworking and basic blacksmithing. Building a pole lathe. Building your own drawhorse and forging your own drawknife and turning your own handles. Students who have already completed this week during May will hone their green woodwork skills.
  • Week Ten. Lay foundation for straw-bale cabin, build timber mud sills and wall plate,
  • Week Eleven. Build window bucks, build round wood frame and oak timber frame front wall.
  • Week Twelve. Make and install roof shingles
  • Week Thirteen. Build straw bale walls and earthen render walls.
  • Week Fourteen. Earthen rendering floor make and install dry toilet.
  • Certificate presentation and big celebration.

The above curriculum is provided as an ideal example and is subject to change if student numbers are high or low or if weather is unusually inclement.


The course is for 6 to 12 students 18 years of age or over

Course costs

  • Full 14 week 2500€ (500€ none returnable deposit)(Discount on full course 350€ for any former graduate of our PDC.)
  • PDC Only 500€

What’s included in full course

  • All food and soft drinks are provided except Sunday lunch each week. (Not caned or bottled drinks)
  • Camp site ( bring your own tent, sleeping bag and towels.)
  • All tools and materials needed
  • You can keep your own drawhorse and drawknife
  • Access to all PDC course materials and photos of the building process
  • Any timber products you make in your spare time, tools, bowls, spoons etc..
  • Permaculture Eden natural building certificate.
  • Permaculture Design Certificate
  • We are planing to write a book on natural building which will follow this course, all participants will receive a free E-Book version of the book. The first six people to pay their deposit will receive a free printed copy.

Why take this course

  • Gain real experience of green building
  • Learn to think and design critically
  • Essential theory with maximum practice.
  • Build your confidence and practical ability
  • There is no other course with this curriculum!
  • Finally this is not just a class it is a three month opportunity to explore your creativity with evenings and weekends with access to all the tools you have learned to use available all around. You will be able to explore and expand your skills to make items for yourself more tools, bowls, spoons, stools even a chair if your up to the task. This will allow you to leave at the end of the course with a well embedded set of skills and real experience of taking the basic materials of wood and iron and making well finished products including the tools to do the job. Imagine leaving a legacy of well constructed buildings for future students to use and study while gaining valuable real world experience and knowledge for no more than your normal living expenses.


 What to bring


  • Safety boots (to be worn at all times on building site)
  • Tent and sleeping bag
  • Towels
  • Clothing fit for all weather conditions
  • Sun hat and cream
  • Open positive mind
  • Work hard ethic (we will all get out what we put in)
  • Note book, pens, pencils, ruler and colour pencils)


  • Chainsaw safety clothing ( you will-not use a chainsaw without this on)
  • Musical instruments

Please fill out our booking form before making any payments

Pay 2500€ Full course fee

Pay 200€ PDC none returnable deposit


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