We offer many learning opportunities here on site the obvious ones are our courses, these structured learning opportunities have a purposely designed learning outcome. Previously we offered openings for volunteers but this has proved both costly and unsatisfactory at times. So we now approach the informal learning opportunities in a different way, we now only accept interns who learn through working within our systems. we ask for a contribution towards food, resources and amenities in exchange you get to learn from us and experience our lives for two weeks or more. This is proving a much more satisfactory arrangement all round, it is neither overly costly for interns and apprentices or overly financially burdensome for us.

Interniaid Arhosiad Byr

3 neu 6 Mis Permaddiwylliant Prentisiaeth

Ar gyfer 2016 we are looking for three 3 neu 6 month apprentices these opportunities will start in March or June and finish at the end of May or September read the apprenticeship page for full details.


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