The Permaculture Eden’s livestock are a pivotal part of our living philosophy, with self- reliance as our goal we still need to meet the demands of today’s society as well as provide for ourselves. The vast majority of our society eats meat and so do we. Ignoring this fact when designing a commercial Permaculture in a temperate climate would be folly. On the pages below you will find details of how we keep and nurture the animals on our holding, each one is looked at separately but in reality they are part of a fully integrated system with each animal playing its part in supporting the others.

Permaculture’s design foundation is integration while modern industrialised agriculture concentrates on specialisation it separates the outputs of each element from where it can be used constructively. Permaculture conversely strives to use the outputs of each
element to support the needs of another element in the system emulating nature’s patterns.