The mission of Permaculture Eden is to perpetuate simple, economical and purposeful living. Permaculture Eden encourages and supports individual and collective efforts to live sustainably into the future. Guided by the principles of kindness, respect and compassion in relationships with natural and human communities, Permaculture Eden promotes active participation in the advancement of creative integration of the life of the mind, body and spirit,
and deliberate choice in living responsibly and harmoniously in an increasingly complicated world. Permaculture Eden seeks to attain this mission through:

  • Development & conservation of Permaculture Eden as an inspirational example of conscientious and thoughtful living in harmony with nature.
  • Sharing the philosophy underlying the “good life” practices at Permaculture Eden to encourage a diverse audience to apply this philosophy in their own distinct environments and life circumstances.
  • Offering Apprenticeships and educational programs on Permaculture self-supporting Natural Building and sustainable living at Permaculture Eden.
  • Serving as a resource and network for Permacultureists
    self-supporters, gardeners, and students of simple and sustainable living.
  • Practising right living and following simple living principles, in all pursuits, so that Permaculture Eden itself models what it seeks to promote.

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