Fitting the Lath

Now with the main frame up and solid its time to cover the roof, we are installing living roof of soil and Sedum plants. The space between the main rafters is much too big to span with any kind of sheet material alone so we have to install lath to carry the weight of the soil. The plan had been to cut this from our property we have plenty of hazel and willow fit for the job but the neighbour has just cleared an area in his forest only meters away from our house so it seemed an opportunity too good to pass up to use the off-cuts from his work. Helping reduce the amount he would simply burn on site and gaining a yield for our build.

Building 211

First we collected a couple of trailer loads of wood and took them back to the build site before I demonstrated how to fit the lath to the rafters in a spiral from the centre.

Building 215

Then Waas and Chris got on admirably with the job while Michelle and I collected more material back in the woods this went on all day.

Building 227

The next day Michelle and Waas continued the great work and the pattern just got better and better with each new layer around the rafters.

Building 232

Then we cut off the excess timber at the top of each rafter.

Building 240

Michel and Waas admiring the secondary reciprocal frame which covers the central hole.

Building 241

Chris admires the detail.

Building 249

The lath installation continues with everyone involved.

Building 256

Waas and I start the installation of the fascia board.

Building 259

Building 263

Michelle likes the detail.

Building 265

Building 267

Building 268

The storm clouds gather and rain stops play for the day.

Building 284

The next day is cloudy but bright and dry and we all continue the work in hand.

Building 285

Building 291

The last piece of fascia goes up and the character of the roof revealed, and it is good what a shame we are going to cover it up.

Building 297

The last few pieces of lath get installed

Building 306

The end, of the lath.