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Greenwood and Blacksmithing

The first week of our second building course is an introduction to green woodworking and basic blacksmithing, both of these are my own personal passion for creating both beautiful and functional hand crafts. The week starts out with building  drawhorse’s to used later in the week and during the natural building course.

Building 013

Above their working on the legs for their own drawhorse while using my old drawhorse to hold with. They need to make some cylindrical pins for the clamp to pivot on, some work on a pole lathe makes this a simpler task. First a quick demonstration from the master.

Building 024

Here is Nadine trying to enjoy the challenge.

Building 022

Everyone gets to make at least one part for their drawhorse and get some valuable practice in before the bowl making to come later.

Building 018

Building 020

Building 035

Then on to spoon making before we get back to the pole lathe for bowl making.

Building 111

Building 056

Building 057

Then we get to some blacksmithing to make an edge tool each.

Building 038

Building 042

Building 044

This part of the course was a complete joy with everyone engaged and positive working on each evening until the dinner bell rang.

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