Day at the forge

My first day alone in the new forge with the new equipment and tools, so I thought I would try to make something I’ve never made before. Inspired by a couple of recent purchases from a local fair we attend each year, it’s really a harvest festival with demonstrations of hand crafts. Fiona and I purchased a hand forged knife and a couple of hooks for our bedroom.

Building 144 (2)

Both these items were made with mild steel, so I will replicate them with mild steel too. I have a leftover piece  25mm by 5mm flat bar to make the knife and purchased a couple of meters of 8mm round bars to make hooks to use around the site. First I get the forge going with some wood and coal and bring it up to temperature.

Building 145

The flat bar is in the fire at this stage taking its first heat, I will form the blade first and then draw out the handle after.

Building 146

Above you can see the blade sticking out of the fire and part of the handle has been drawn out already I’m also working on a drawknife I started weeks ago. Here is the knife ready for grinding and finishing.

Building 148

Now to have a go at making hooks.

Building 149

I hot cut the round bar in to two and put all four pieces in the fire and made four hooks now ready for finishing. Here are the items once I ground and finished them with a wire brush.

Building 153

Here they are for comparison to the originals mine are at the top in each case.

Building 145 (2)

I can see where I can improve on both but I’m pleased with them for a first attempt.